I currently have DSL through ATT, and am using the ATT 2WIRE Modem w/ Built in wireless router. (Not N though, ONLY B/G)

I have a Belkin 54mbps USB Adapter plugged into my HUB and get transfer speeds of like 1.2MB/s

I just receieved a Brand New ATT 2WIRE WIRELESS N Modem/Router …

My question is will i get the Wireless N speeds to the HUB Considering my Belkin Adapter isn’t an N speed Adapter? I mean 54mbps is still 6.75MB/s, so will i be getting around that speed at least? Like do you think i’ll definitely see an improvement from my 1.2MB/s? what should my expectations be? Obviously it will be the bottleneck an i plan on updating but i should definitely receive at least 5MB/s now correct? and when i get my Wireless N adapter, what type of speeds are expected?

you will probly not see a whole lot a difference, att 6mbps is not good for streaming HD video, i had att before and had used G then N and did not help, but u never know, i could only get 3mbps max on att, keep in mind too that ur adapter in to the HUB has to be wireless N too.