Adapter / Converter when used in India

Hi All,

I am from India and I recently ordered a WD live streaming media player from the U.S WD store. Since all Indian equipements work on 220 V and the US equipments on 110 V, my question do I need an adapter or a converter? Or do I need both? Please help as this is the first time I am getting an electronic equipment from abroad !



The US version of the media player uses an 18 watt power supply which is designed for use with US 110VAC systems.  If you use 220VAC in India, you will need a power converter with the correct plugs for your country (not all 220VAC plugs are the same).  Most electronic supply stores will have what you need.  More importantly, tho, is that the US systems ar based on 60 cycle power.  Keep that in mind when buying an adapter if you use 50 cycle power.

And if you want to get technical, US power systems are actually 120VAC or 240VAC.  The 110VAC is an old carry-over phrase which is commonly used but understood.

I can’t say what is supplied with US players but most power supplies are now multi voltage / frequency  and can be used anywhere in the world. My WD player power supplies are all 100-240volt 50/60Hz.

I live in India and recently started using the WD Live SMP. It works here withoutout any need for voltage coverter. Just buy US to India plug adapter (flat to round). The box didnt come with round plugs. 

thanks mate! yeah …i did see the voltage specs and figured this out …