Activation WD Smartware

I received the activation code by email.

When i try to activate the software sign in the activation code and e-mail i receive this message error:

Error during the convalidation of the activation code. Try later.

I tried several times but with the same error.

What can I do?

What version of SmartWare have you installed?  If you haven’t got the most recent version, can you please download and install the latest version of SmartWare?

How do I post my question?   I do not see any buttons to make an original post on the oem page or elsewhere, so I’m replying to this one.

I need to know about the 64-bit SERS driver and Smartware to get Windows 8.1 to work with Anywhere Discovery, etc. on my legacy (2010) Worldbook 1 TB NAS (“white light”), which runs fine with Windows 7.   Thank you.