Acronis WD with My Book Live

Hi, I recently purchased a My Book Essential and installed Acronis WD edition, which recognised the USB drive perfectly and did an image backup no problem. 

I decided to swap the Essential for a My Book Live (so I can do incremental backups without having to plug a USB drive into my laptop every time) but Acronis won’t recognise the network attached drive.  Is this resolveable or is this a limitation of Acronis WD edition?  I also have a WD Live Hub on the network, which is also unrecognised by Acronis

It’s probably an issue of the WD edition. I don’t believe it will do incremental backups either. It’s intended purpose was to clone old HD to a new one. It’s also based on the 2009 Acronis TI edition.


I don’t think it’s designed for network drives…