Acronis Upgrade

Western Digital has announced that WD backup is no longer supported, and to use instead Acronis True Image for Western Digital. When using Acronis, it says it is licenced to 04/03/2026
The menu screen gives you the option to upgrade.

On click in Upgrade, you get a display that tells you the cost. This example I show is for UK (Sterling Cost) and is from £27.99, but this cost is only for a 1 year licence for one computer, and just for the Essential version

Why are Western Digital now charging you for a backup solution when WD Backup was free and was the main reason I purchased my Passport drive. If you calculate, how much this will cost over 5 year, it will £139.95, but this is likely to increase, as it currently has a 20% discount.
Western Digital need to tell us why they are charging, as this is likely to reduce the purchase of their products.