Acronis True Image WD Edition

I have downloaded today the Acronis True Image WD Edition soft ware and created a mirror of my laptown harddisk on my external wd harddrive.

I would like to educated on how do I use this software to incremental realtime mirror of my laptop hard disk on the attached usb external harddrive?

I used to previously use a software called mirrorfolder developed by techsoft. But I believe techsoft have disappeared from the internet.

Kindly help, since using Acronis True Image WD Edition make you use the software only by rebooting the laptop which is quite  a cumbersome and lengthy procedure and images the entire harddisk everytime instead of just doing incremental mirror.

Thanks and regards.

Jal  Olia

Hi there, why not checking the user manual for Acronis and see if it has the feature?

This is a stripped down edition mainly intended to clone/image drives mainly for installing on a new drive. I don’t believe increnemtal backups are available in the WD edition. Booting from the rescue disk is the best way to avoid errors.