Acronis True Image WD Edition

Should Acronis WD work with RAID1?

I have read posts on this forum that say No.
So, should I dump the RAID1 set up? and go with JBOD?

At Acronis and elsewhere on the web they say it IS possible for ATI to work with RAID.
So, that leads me to believe the WD edition alone does not permit this. Why?

I did get this message when I tried it;

Failed to write data to disk
Failed to write to sector ‘0’ of hard disk ‘3’
Direct R/W operation has failed (0x690001)
Operation not permitted (0xFFF1)

My set up is as follows;
Win 10 Pro (x64) AMD Phenom II x6 1090T 3.2Ghz
(1) Radeon 250GB (OS)
(2) WD Caviar 1.5TB (RAID1)
(1) WD 500GB (A/V storage)

Advise, suggestions, and comments welcome!

Thank You!

Hi there,

I have not tried this, as far as i know it is not supported on raid drives, but lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.