Acronis True Image WD Edition grays out destination disk

Hi - I recently purchased a WD Scorpio Black 500GB HD.    I’m trying to use True Image to clone my current drive to it.  I get as far as the option to choose the destination disk screen but the 500 GB HD is greyed out.  I have the drive docked and connected via USB.  From what I read in the manual, this shouldn’t be an issue.  Any help is appreciated.


Did you make sure that the drive is recognized and does work properly  when coping a file manually? If you have this drive in a third party enclosure that may be the problem.


Hi Joe - Thanks for the reply.  The drive seems to be working fine.  I can copy and move files to the drive with no issue.  I’m using a Startech SATA HD dock.  I’ll be bummed if that’s the reason Acronis won’t let me chose the drive.  Any other suggestions?


Is the drive identified as WD in Device manager? If not then it probably isn’t being recognized by Acronis. This version of Acronis is kind of an orphan product. It’s not full featured and it’s based on Acronis TI 2009 so it’s also not that well  supported. You might look on the Acronis forums There is a lot of helpful stuff posted there. 


I had the same issue.  Even tried creating a boot CD with Acronis WD edition so I wouldn’t be booting off the source drive at all and Windows isn’t even there to interfere with the destination drive.  Same result, destination drive is greyed out.  It didn’t matter if the new drive was unallocated/unpartitioned or partitioned or partitioned+formatted NTFS.  I found a thread on the Acronis forums about this bug and the person bought the full Acronis version and ran into the same bug as in the WD edition.  They got around the bug by avoiding the “clone” feature and doing a backup to an external drive then restoring the tib file to the new disk.  That worked for me, the restore feature didn’t grey out the destination disk as the clone feature did.

My  method

download  two software from wd site

1.WD Acronis true image  

2.  WD Align   (you should input  the S/N of WD disk you buy. ) old disk  system (in your laptop) ,install  these two  software, 

4.then connect  new disk with usb port  to laptop

  1. run WD Align  to new disk .

till this step,when old disk in laptop and new connected with usb,

acronis true image  clone can  finished ,no grey bar appear again,but something go wrong,   when boot system from new disk  a error “read disk error” occured.

then  I made reverse clone.

  1. made a acronis true image bootable CD    (use acronis media builder)

  2. put new disk in laptop  and old one out connected with usb.

3.boot system with CD ,

   use clone function .  can use "automatically " style .

   then It clond  successfully .

restart  new disk system without boot cd and usb , it’s fine.