Acronis True Image WD edition failing on creating backup & freezing


I have been using Acronis True Image Home edition on my laptop and love it.  I had been using the Seagate Disc Wizard on my desktop pc but the hard drive was failing so I purchased a WD 1600AAJB HARD DRIVE and installed that.  I now installed the Acronis True Image WD edition to create my backup of the hard drive but am having some real problems and can’t figure out why.

This has happened twice so far.  I go through the whole thing to create the image and click to start but after awhile I get a message that the process failed and everything is frozen on my desktop so I can’t even click to view the log.  I am eventually able to stop the program thru the task manager - first time it happened it said stopped responding and I couldn’t even get the task manager to stop the program.  This time I was at least able to get the task manager to stop the program.  I noticed that both times the SPU Usage is up at 100%.  I do not have any other programs running at the same time and I never had this problem when I used this program in the past on my other machine.  

I tried running the program on another desktop that I have used the Acronis True Image WD edition on once before and the same thing happened there as well.  I ran an anti-virus boot time scan as well as all the malware and spyware scans and nothing is found so that is not the issue.  

Any idea as to why this is happening?   I did create the bootable media so should I need to use it in the future on this drive I do at least have that but if I am going to keep getting these backup failed messages I might as well look forr some other program to co my backups with - maybe use the disk wizard for the backups and then if I do need to restore the image then use the WD edition media to start the process.

Any ideas or suggestions would be very much appreciate.

lmhjcr, maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support