Acronis True Image Loses Ability to Connect to My Cloud EX2 Ultra

I’m running the current version of Acronis True Image version 2021 Build 39197. I have a backup scheduled to a My Cloud EX2 Ultra running the current OS version 5.15.106. Acronis keeps losing the ability to connect to the My Cloud device and the backups fail.

Access to the file is denied.

Selecting Options and then Test Connection results in Connection failed error.

The knowledge base offers no help.

I am able to access the device files using Windows file explorer.

I’m running the current release of Windows 10 Pro with all maintenance applied.

What is going wrong, and how do I correct this to get a reasonable and consistent backup of my system?

Hi @RCLudwig,

Please refer below link to check Acronis True Image for Western Digital File Backup and Restore:

Hi RC: I’ve got a similar problem to the one you describe and am wondering if/how you resolved your issue. In my case, while I can log into the My Cloud EX2 Ultra as an Admin from a browser, neither Windows nor Acronis can connect to the drive. When I attempt to connect through Acronis an Authentication Settings window pops up but the connection continuously fails. Have you had any luck resolving your issues? Thanks. - HAFields

Hi HA. I never found a solution to this problem. The best the WD help had to offer was to install the newest version which I had. Recreating the backup definition would provide a short burst of backup activity only to fall back into the same problem.

Frankly, I got disgusted with Acronis, uninstalled it, and I’m now using Windows backup to keep my files backed up.

Bob Ludwig