Acronis TI WD Creating Emergency Boot Disk & No Disk(s) found on boot

Current MOBO Gigabyte w/Intel CPU, 2GB ram,1TB HDD,DVD R/w

Previous version of Acronis(2013 Download) Emergency Boot can’t locate Disks when started. This disk created with MSI MOBO & AMD CPU.

Just downloaded Acronis version 2015. But can’t find enough information to create an Emergency Boot Disk and try to boot and find HDD.

Help will be appreciated.

Hi, welcome to the community.

From the ZIP you downloaded take a look at page 57 of the PDF subject 6.2 Creating bootable rescue media, in there it will explain you on how to create a bootable rescue CD/DVD or USB drive.

Thank you for your input. Don’t think you understand the issue. Which is Acronis True Image WD emergency boot has an error on strartup" No Disk found".
I looked at page 57 of manual and that information reveals nothing about this problem.
Talked with WD suppport and they think my sata location (Device 1) may be the problem. There was also an external USB drive attached but Acronis still produced the error at startup.

Thought to mention that Acronis Truie Image WD is not compatible with my New Gigabyte Mobo in any context nor is the Acronis Download(Free Version). Ironically, Acronis TI WD will open data within the Win7 OS and recover but will not start from the BIOS level and find any HDD - internal or attached. FYI Gigabyte Model is B75m-D3H, Bios Ver F15 Id 8A01AG0R - date 10232013
One of your other Techies indicated that it is a bios issue, but Gigabyte says otherwise.
In any case, after many hours of attempting to recover an image via the Emergency Boot Disk backup and recovery was only accomplished using Macrim Reflect.
Whoever chooses backup apps at WD should review what you’re providing is compatible with current Bios in the market.
For future HDD, must say this issue will be a definite consideration in choosing the replacement.