Acronis alignment tool failure


I wanted to check whether my system partition on my wd15ears drive is 4k aligned, and the acronis tool (2.0 build 107) said it isn’t. This is strange, as the partition begins at sector 2048. Then I tried to let it align the partition, but after a few seconds it finishes telling “Operation has completed with errors, please see the details below : Alignment of partition (harddisk:1, number:1) - completed” … though it doesn’t make any change, when started again next time it says again that the partition is not aligned.

Can someone please tell me, what characterizes a 4k-aligned partition besides the fact that its starting sector is a multiple of 8 ?


I don’t know what goes wrong, maybe should I use some other software that works ?

  acronis2.jpg acronis3.jpg

I use Windows 7 which is fine with 4K drives

I use it with XP, where 4K alignment is not guaranteed, that’s why I wanted to check it, but the Acronis alignment tool failed.

Did you by chance jumper the drive for advance formatting on xp?  cause I’m not sure that acronis would pick up on that since it’s being done within the firmware.