Acoustic Management .. enable or not?

Hello folks … I’ve just noticed (purely by accident!) that my main drive has ‘Acoustic Management’ but it is not enabled!

It’s a WD 5000AAKS SATA which I have partitioned into C,D and E with Windows 7 x64 as my OS.  I also have a second drive in the machine which is a WD 2500BB IDE which is also partitioned into 3 … this drive has ‘AM’ enabled. I also use a Buffalo external drive , this holds a Samsung Spinpoint F1 which also has ‘AM’ enabled.

Simple question therefore … should I enable ‘AM’ in my main drive , or leave it alone?

It seems to be running quite happily at the moment … what are the pros and cons of this feature??

Thanks for any advice!

AIUI, Automatic Acoustic Management (AAM) reduces seek noise by reducing the aggressiveness of the acceleration and deceleration profiles for the voice coil servo. This may result in a slight performance penalty. You may be able to see this in before-and-after HD Tune benchmarks.

I can’t find any Western DIgital white papers on AAM. However, here are two competitor’s documents:$file/WP_PowerAcoustic_25March.pdf

Here is a Wikipedia article:

Thanks for the reply fzabkar! … some useful info in there …

I also found this post which seems to suggest that an install of win 7 actually changes the AM settings … presumably to fit in with it’s power settings.  I had no idea Windows could do that , but I suppose it makes sense!

I think I’ll leave the settings alone for now … unless anyone else on here has some more info for us.