Accuweather location

Why can’t I enter my zip for my location in the accuweather app. I have a wd live and it allows me to enter my zip code for my city (Farmington, NM). The closest city listed on the hub is 185 miles away.

Forget the zipcode. Just enter Farmington and then go to the right hand list and scroll down. Its there under all the other Farmington’s.


I just entered 87401 and submit and there was Farmington NM

I just bought my hub yesterday and it has the 1st firmware. I am weary of updating to a newer firmware because I have a lot of MKV files (+400). I had to rollback my wd live players.

Can I do what you are suggesting with my current firmware? As far as I can tell, there is no option to type in a city.

If you are on an older firmware when you probably only have the option of certain cities.