Accidentally reformatted hard drive, files recovered but separated into tons of files!

Hi, I’m new to the forum and in need of help. My brother was trying to use my WD passport to watch movies on his pc and to make the long story short, he ended up reformatting my hard drive, which took only a few seconds to wipe out my hard drive! I spent the last 30 hours recovering ALL my files but now they’re all separated individually. For example, one file says “file0000259.m2ts.” I have over 20 movies that are now all mixed up under different file names. Is there a program that can help recover the files to their right areas or would I be screwed either ways? Thanks in advance!
Just for some info, I have a 2009 MacBook Pro with a 750GB WD passport.

what software did you use?

try TestDisk or Recuva

I used disk drill to recover the data, if that’s the software you are referring to. Does the above software you suggested will help bring the files back to their original state?

Nope the software will retrieve the data from the drive as it is

AFAIK it will not fix it

Hello  yota_man81,

If you have already recovered the data but if its in separte files. You need not worry. You can again perform recovery with the help of a powerful data recovery software like partitionsrecovery. It is the perfect answer for the question, " how to recover wd hard drive. Click here to download :smileyvery-happy:


 I got your problem… dont wory there is a software called Hard drive recovery software. Couple of days back, when i was in same situation , i used this software to  used the software to   recover external hard drive data.It recovered all my data, within few minutes. Just try by downloading the trial version here.