Accessing video and photo files simultaneously

I found it not easy to access video and photo files simultaneously on my external HDD. To see videos, I have to select videos at first menu, and to see photos, I have to select photos.

I would find convenient to see both photo and video files simulanesouly, because I could make some notices with synopsis of movies, without going back and forth to photo and video menus.

Any thoughts?




I agree

It may be that you select Video but are you sure that you cannot still select a Photo. A number of people have complained that they are seeing the album photo when they select a video. Their problem seems to be exactly what you require. If you use network shares etc to view videos or play music you can definitely also see photos.

@ richUK:

You’re right when using a network shared folder (which is an error BTW and will (hopefully) be fixed bei WD).

It won’t work when using a local USB drive with MediaLib turned on.

Yes it works for network shares, but not for local drives.

What do you call an “error”? I agree if you mean the no access to both videos and photos. If there is a correction in next versions of firmware, I hope that it will allow the simultaneous access of both videos and photos on local drives too.