Accessing Time Machine backups to WD Sharespace


I have 4 macs backing up to the same sharespace with “wd_backup” and “backup” as password as the manual suggests.

I tried to add a 5th mac today with no success.

Accessed the sharespace through its web interface to check the Time Machine backups and space available.

It seems my Sharespace is only 60% full so there should be plenty of space left.

However I am not able to see files from any of the macs backing up to the sharespace.

Also it does not seem possible to recover Time Machine backups from other macs than the one backing them up.

So what happens if that mac fails and I need to recover the backups to a new mac?

I would appreciate some input on this as the manual does not explain about recovery of backups to different mac than the one being backed up.

If there is a better way to use sharespace for backup of multiple macs please let me know, because using Time Machine with sharespace is very confusing and the implementation does not seem very well thought through.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

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I thought this forum was intended as a support forum to discuss problems and help find solutions. Can you at least please let me know if it is correct that all Macs backing up to the WD Sharespace should have the same login and password. The user manual states that each Mac should log in with “wd_backup” and default password. On second thought this does not seem logical to me.