Accessing through router

I so have a WD N750 router and an older WD external HD, I believe its a MyBook 1tb model. Anyways, under the windows environment everything was seemless but I have recently switched to Linux Mint. The external hdd is plugged directly into the the N750 router’s usb port like usual but I am finding it impossible to locate it under my linux OS (Linux Mint 17.3 MATE). Can anybody help?

Let’s see if any of the Linux users can share some information about it.

I have not use that router on a Linux environment

Figured it out, for anybody else who has this issue. First I had to go through the file browser and under the file menu select “Connect to server.” Enter the router IP address and select windows share. That will show the external harddrive in network places. This allowed me to determine the name of the device which I could then mount using the command “sudo mount -t // /mnt/folder” I did not need any login or password information… but this apparently mounted everything as read-only so I do need to look into it a little more…