Accessing the USB drive on WD from Win7 via Wireless Network


I have WD TV Live SMP 2.01.86 Win7
Both Windows and WD are connected via Wireless to ADSL modem/router

I can connect to WD via browser

There is a USB flash drive connected to the WD.

WD is not connected to any other devices.

At first I used WPS to connect the WD to Wireless network but after turning WD off and on again, it lost the connection so I manually entered the Wireless password.

WD can access the internet (ie accuweather)

Once the USB drive came up in Windows Network but afar restarting it doesn’t come up anymore.

I am trying to access the flash drive to delete/copy files directly from my laptop.

I am not looking to allow WD accessing my laptop files ie via file sharing/Windows sharing

Thank you in advance for your help



I recommend you review the steps on page #31 of the user manual.

Hope it helps.

Thank you HDKnows

I had already read the manual

At the moment, I have  v1.15.10 (ref: Regular Freeze During Playback )

The entries in the menu differ from the ones on the manual

Manual: Network Share Server

Menu: Network Share Management

I use Win7

In the Network window … WDTV Live occasionally appears (twice so far) but usually doesn’t appear.

The change from appear to disappear happen without making any changes to the box or windows set up.

Yesterday, it appeared. I moved a small text file (for testing) but was unable to move a 150mb file (using TeraCopy) and then the icon disappeared from the Network.