Accessing the cloud using different computers

My long awaited personal cloud arrived in a box today. So far I can access it on two machines, a laptop and a desktop. I can also use my smartphone to access it (this was the only bit of what I call plug and play software that worked).

It still asks me for a network password when I try to access it from windows explorer on my desktop - but not always - I did manage to find out what my network password was after following a hint from a Microsoft surface help page, but entering it makes little difference. Some times I can access it with no problems and other times it just repeatedly asks fo the network password that I have typed in for the 50th time. Yet on a self test, it reports all is well.

Instead of the quick setup picturebook that came with this bit of kit, it would have been better to have had a pdf file that actually explained what the thing is supposed to do, what is meant exactly by users, and what passwords are needed to get it to work.

So if I have one user with the same name and password on three different machine on the same network, do I actually have three users, and if so, what do I call them when they all have the same username preceded by the computer name?

What sort of anti virus software should be running on this cloud, as if it is linked to all my machines, it could cause a severe security risk to them all.

Not quite the seamless system that I was looking forward to.but when it works, it runs almost a the maximum speed of my network using radio, and at full speed over a wired connection. Can’t all be bad can it.

Hi hwalker1, there should be no need to enter any passwords once you map the My Cloud the first time. See if the link below helps. 

Mapping a Personal Cloud drive or WD NAS drive on a Windows PC

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