Accessing single Raid 1 disk

Hi Guys,
I have My Cloud Ex 2, 2x2TB HDD set in RAID1. It will be full soon (photos backup). I will probably replace it with the same 2x2TB configuration.
My question is how can I later access the data from the first two set of HDDs? Will I have to insert them both back to My Cloud Ex2 or can I access single HDD via USB or other way?


Hi Lukasz

you should better insert both disks as only one disk would be mounted as so called “Degraded RAID” with all the alerts related to this mode.

Mark the disks with their slot positions and store them carefully, even bare disks are sensitive.

Then I guess it might be better to copy My Cloud EX2 contents on external USB HDD (2 separate HDDs) - to have easy access to the old data, and use MyCloudEx2 RAID1 for current data only.

Hi @Lukasz_Jarkowski

up to you but the usage of external “cold storage” on USB drives seems to be a solution that is much easier to handle.