Accessing Shares over FTP

In our Mycloudex4100, we have a folder name Execution, which is shown as a ‘Share’

Directly alongside of it we have all of the user folders created when their users were created on the server. (UsernameA4100, UsernameB4100 etc)

We have gone into the properties of the user Shares and flipped the FTP switch, and they are visible through mapped network locations.

When we go to the Execution folder and try to do the same thing, There are no options displayed. The page where all of the options for ftp, public etc are normally displayed, is just blank. Refreshing it takes us to the dashboard.

I cant see anything about it being write protected, or secure from changing the properties about it. We’re just trying to make that one folder available over FTP, and for some reason the page with the switch to flip is blank.

When we view the root server folder in windows explorer, and right click to view properties, everything looks exactly the same for both the Execution folder we cannot see in over FTP, and the UsernameA4100 folder that we can see over FTP.

Any insight is appreciated.