Accessing shares from different subnet in same network

Hi all,

So my servers are in a different subnet than my NAS device (MyCloudPR4100). Example:

NAS IP: x.x.100.x

Server IP: x.x.200.x (cannot connect to NAS IP, unable to ping even)

My PC IP: x.x.100.x (no issues)

Earlier this was not an issue up until recently when the connectivity was suddenly lost between all servers and NAS IP (I think after a firmware update on the NAS - not OS3 to OS5 but one of the subsequent updates). I’ve tried:

1, Reset the network settings on the NAS device and made sure the VLAN setting is off but to no avail.
2, Made sure NO changes were made to the network.
3, Made sure IP settings are correct on the NAS device.

I’d appreciate any help on this since I’m running out of ideas.

Note: The server can ping other devices in the x.x.100.x subnet without any issues. Only the NAS IP cannot be accessed or pinged.

OS/5 wants to be on a “private” IP range (192.168.x.x; 172.16.x.x; 10.x.x. etc). This is a change from OS/3; where you could assign any IP you wanted.

Also, if you are accessing with “friendly names”; that won’t work across subnets. You will have to address using the IP address.

I’m using 172.16.x.x ranges and trying to access using IP addresses instead of friendly names but stll unable to connect from server to NAS. Thank you for replying!

I presume you have rebooted everything?

I presume that the PC on the same subnet also cannot ping the NAS?

Do you have a fixed IP assigned to the NAS? If so. . .try “unassigning” and check on your router what IP address gets assigned to the NAS.

(Check the router regardless to see if somehow the NAS is picking up a “weird” IP assignment)

If all else fails. . .I believe the “40 second reset” will nuke the NAS configuration but not nuke the data. That will allow you to “start over”.

Before doing the reset, however, see if you can verify that the stupid machine isn’t in a crazy re-index cycle.

The only thing I hadn’t rebooted was the cisco (core) switch everything was connected to. Did that today and that has fixed the issue. Wanted to do it during the weekend when end users weren’t around.

Thanks for the help! Much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: