Accessing shared (XP) folders via Samba from WDTV Live Plus

Have been a satisfied user of  the WDTV Live Plus for some time and recently and just bought the new WDTV Live

(mostly to show AVCHD/M2TS HD footage…)

I have an issue with folder sharing that I haven’t been able to resolve on either version.

Have shared folders organised on an XP Pro-based server called HomeServer v with the following dir structure




Ony  the Server_Photos,Server_Music,Server_Video folders are shared. The disk D and the root folder /Media are not shared.

Network is all wired. The WDTV (both  versions) has no difficulty recognised the HomeServer machine.

The difficultly is how it presents the shared folders

i.e. if I want to set up the Photo tab to display  Server-Photos,the WDTV presents me with ALL of the  Server_*


Similarly with the Music tab I see all folders presented and with the Video tab I see all the folders presented.

It’s not affecting operation of the machine as  I   can get to the data ,but  I just want to see that  single shared

applicable folder,not all of them. I cant’ see a way of doing that right now.

Is  there a way to set this up so that when  I access the Photo tab I am placed directly  within  the Photos folder.?

(Similarly for the Video, Music source folders…)

( I have another windows 7  running XBMC for other purpose and the samba set up here let’s me point to  a specific shared folder. I want to do the same thing with the WDTV…)

Anybody else see this/resolve this…??

That’s right … for now.

Currently there’s no MEDIA INDEXING for NAS.

They have apparently been working on it for some time, but turned it off for release because of issues they encountered in late testing.   WD is working on it and it will be released fairly soon, I’m sure.

BUT, even when they DO have it working, it’s not going to drop you directly into the PHOTOS folder.

It will just not display Server-Music and Server-Video on the first screen; it will only display Server-Photos.

It *will* display those folders if there are photos in them, though…  

Thanks fo the reply.

I 've been montoring the other thread(s)  re. the NAS/indexing/Dashboard  issue.

How did this ever work…? (  Idont have a LiveHub so I dont know if this ever work.ed as described.)

Was it ever possible to just"drop" directly to a Server-Photos folder…??

Incidentally,what type of sub-folder structure would/will it work with ( …when new firmware is releases…)

i.e If I have

D:/Miedia/Server_Photos/Event_1/Photo1.jpg  or


would this be recognized…?

Way back when (when the Hub was first released) it dropped you directly into the drive - it was one less item to select, but you still had to navigate a bit. It’s not ideal, but it’s a minor inconvience considering just how superior the WD TV is compared to any other player on the market.  Nothing else out there plays even a fraction of the files this thing does. Not to mention the fact that the price is just about perfect… it’s not perfect, and could definatly use some improvements… but everything else (including the apple tv) is light-years behind it.


This is something of  a minor inconvenience…

I sometimes find myself in the Photos folder,navigate to the Music folder and then it tells me there is no media there.

which is true,from it’s ( the WDTV’s) point  of view.) So the File tab,Music tab,Photos tab,Video are all the same… I

just use the Files folder so it’ll always play the type of  file  I eventaully get to.

Share the comments about  the machine…It does play anything I throw at ,is reliable and I have tried the others…

The new WDTV live does get noticeably hotter (even when not in use) but I know the hardwares been updated,