Access Videos + Content Information Stored on NAS

I am planning on purchasing the TV Live Hub (TVLH) this week and have a few questions regarding the use of an NAS.  My collection of movies and TV shows are stored on two Synology DS211J NAS devices.  Each device contains two 2TB hard drives in a RAID 1 configuration.  I don’t have any concerns regarding the TVLH’s ability to play the video files; my main concern is in regards to how the TVLH will access/list/report these videos and their associated content information.

I’ve already acquired the content (XML + JPG) files using ‘WDTVHubGen’ for the Movies and ‘ XLM Converter’ for the TV shows.  These files currently reside in the same folders as the video files on the NAS. 

Question-1: Will the TVLH automatically recognize these files and display the artwork and content information correctly or do the files need to be copied to a specific folder on the Internal HD?

Question-2: Are there any limitations to how videos are accessed or displayed if they reside on an external NAS Vs. the Internal HD?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

1>  Yes, the Hub will recognize and DISPLAY them.   HOWEVER, the XML data will NOT be imported into the Media Library.  So, the XML is really only of value when you use the GALLERY VIEW of the Hub.   The Thumbnails, however, will work normally in ALL views.

2>  Nope…  The user experience is almost identical.

Keep in mind, however, that the contents of MULTIPLE NAS devices are NOT combined into one view.   You’ll need to keep in mind which NAS has which content, and switch as necessary using the “Red” button on the remote.   This is not the case when you have multiple USB devices, which will all be combined into one view.

Given how the Hub’s UI has changed in the last two firmware releases, I"m thinking that WD is working to address that issue, but no one knows for sure if or when it will change.

Thanks for the quick response.  It’s much appreciated.