Access USB drive via Android App


I’m wondering if I can get access to the USB drive connected to my WDTV live via the android app.

So far, I can only use the app to stream music from the smartphone to WDTV - it works even if I have some lags.

BUT: I cannot access the USB drive connected to the WD TV - that would be great because most of my files are stored there…

Any suggestions??


If you are on your own wifi network you can use something like es file explorer to access the drive. Scan the LAN to find the WD player address and then connect to it to see the files.

The WD mycloud app is based around WD nas only.

thanks for the reply!

I’m aware of this possibility, I was just wondering if there’s one impemented in the WD app, because the file explorers I know are not very comfortable AND I would like to access to the USB and then stream the media on WD TV. So I would need the adroid app only to tell the WD TV to start playing something on his USB drive…

es file explorer has a favourite setting for fast access. You can open the app, select favourite and you are at the WD drive. I think that’s a bit quicker than the WD app.