Access to private shares with Twonky service active?!


When I have the Twonky media server active, please tell me why other computers from the same network can access my private shares through windows explorer? When it is inactive, the credentials are always required! Is there a way to hide My Book Live in the network, or block access to certain computers or ip’s? I am confused because the access to private shares through the icon “Twonky media” in windows explorer, should not occur! Thanks in advance. Regards.

It’s doing it because you’ve, as you said, allowed Twonky access to those shares.

And no, that’s not allowing people access without a password – it’s allowing a DLNA connection only.

If you don’t want that to happen, then don’t enable Twonky on Private Shares.

Thank you for your reply. But some doubts still remain: with twonkey server enabled, and even if I don’t enable “media sharing” on private shares, users of the same network still can access to those private shares through Windows explorer! This looks normal to you? Thanks.

I’ve never heard anything like that before…