Access to My Book Live from WD TV SMP and elsewhere

I’m sorry if I am posting this in the wrong forum.  I looked everywhere but can’t see a more appropriate place.  The problem manifests itself from my WD TV SMP too so here goes…

I have a WD TV SMP - lovely machine…

A few issues but good enough for me to buy a My Book Live 3Tb.  I plugged it into my modem and setup an account on the cloud, all very good.  I accessed the NAS locally and from a friends house on my iPad.  I accessed it from the SMP, all good.  I accessed it the NAS from the SMP through the default anon login, all good.  Watched half a dozen episodes of some programs.  Switched everything off at night.  didn’t use it for a couple of days.

Then tried to access it from the SMP but it would accept the anonymous account and password.  Tried all I could…  The iPad can’t access it, the SMP can’t access it and the PC won’t access it.  It just says the password is incorrect.  I can access it through “twonky” whatever the **** that is?  But “twonky” won’t allow me to delete after viewing so I am still trying to access it with no success.

I tried changing the account, the password, to the cloud account, to my PC account, to everything I could think off

What am I doing wrong, have I done wrong and how can I fix it?   :?   :flushed:

Try pressing the reset button on the back of the my book for 4 seconds, it wont delete any of your files. You can also try to powercycle the router. 

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Switched everything off overnight.  Switched it on early and tried the PC, iPad and the SMP, all worked. Left switched on and went to my daughter’s.

Tried to access throught the net on my iPad and got - device off line!?

Got home and accessed it from the desktop okay.  Tried the iPad - offline!?

Tried the SMP and got all sorts of PW problems.

Switched ALL off that night and the next day all okay again, don’t ask me how   :smiley: