Access to home network

Rookie question;

I bought an external drive(my passport 1TB) 4 weeks ago, installed on my PC, shared to network and works fine, good.

2 days ago, i bought new external drive(my book 1.5TB this time cos it’s cheaper), installed the smartware succesfully. I tried to access the new drive which resides on my PC( and to the network) unfortunately i wasn’t able to access the drive, tried rebooting and setup the network several times but to no avail, access was denied. This time my access to my passport which i already enjoyed for 4 weeks is also inaccessible.

Called for the WD costumer service for help but instead reffered me to this community who’s savvier to answer problems, not only related to WD but microsoft as well.

I lieu of the above it is my desired to seek information on to how do i access my external drives using wdtv live on a home network, the guy from wd costumer service told, there where issues on permission stting on MS.

Please help, thaks


The rookie