Access to Andoid apps over mobile network

If I try to access WD photos and WD MyCloud apps on my Samsung S3 over the mobile network they won’t connect. Both work fine if I connect on my home wifi network. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the apps and connected via a code activation. What am I doing wrong?

Is your NAS connected state good? Either Relay or Port forwarding established?

I believe so, but how do I check? I think there was an issue because the light always seemed to indicate it was asleep (pulsing blue light)…even though I could connect to it via any device on the network. I tried a reset but nothing happened. Trying to access the dashboard it wouldn’t accept my password. So I pulled the power plug :-(.

I then was able to go straight into the dashboard and update the firmware. I thought things would then be sorted, but my Android phone apps will still only connect over wifi, not over mobile network.

What do I do to check ports etc? Many thanks.

The status is under the Cloud Access settings in the user interface.

Brooktop wrote:
… over the mobile network they won’t connect. …

Does the problem persist if the phone connected to non-home wifi network (instead of mobile network)?