Access the WDTV in a store from my laptop at home

We’re using our WDTV to play video, hours, specials and other in-store programming.  The question today is … is there a way to access the WDTV (and the external hard drive) to drop new content/playlists from the computer at home or any other location?  Thanks!!!

You can see the USB drives from the network, if that’s wthat you mean. Just be aware, that it is extremely slow if if is not a cabled network, and for some reason a full power cycle of the Live is needed to get a decent (albeit not THAT big) transfer rate. Without the power cycle it gets extremely slow after some days.


Thanks for trying, but it really wasn’t what I was asking about.  I’ve made some progress on this.  Found a few posts about using Filezilla to FTP into the box.  At this point, you have to download someone else’s firmware.  We’re going to be using this with paying customers, so we’d rather stick with WD’s firmware.  So … Hey WD … could you make it possible to use Filezilla with your next firmware upgrade??? Thanks