Access & Organisation - Wd2go with MyBook Live - Issue! HELP!

Hi all,

First and foremost thanks in advance for taking the time to read my issue and hopefully helping me find a solution.


I have a mybook live 3tb, wd2go app installed on my iphone 4s, and I have a mac which is irrelevant in this issue I believe.

Through the mybook live internet dashboard I have setup 2 users (myself as administrator & one for guests ) and multiple shares. The shares are generally Movies, Documents, Archive, Software, Photos etc, and of course the Standard PUBLiC share which you cant remove.  I have set Documents & Archive shares as private, and allowed all access to myself however the guest account does not have access to these 2 shares. I have also setup remote access for web and mobile, for the latter only for the admin account.


When logging in as ‘guest’ through my laptop finder:

MOVIES, PHOTOS and TV are visible (non-private shares). And also the PUBLIC share itself is visible as default.

When logging in as ‘administrator’ on my laptop finder:  All shares are visible, both public & private. And also the PUBLIC share itself is visible as default.

I have also setup remote access for web and mobile, for the latter only for the admin account.


The issue I have is when I use wd2go app on iPhone i can access mybooklive and see all my shares however when I go into my shares there are no files!!! Except 1 - my movie files are visible. But my shares which are private and for admin eyes only have no files inside the folders ,via the app.

If I use online - everything works as expected. Logging in as a guest shows me 3 shares and all the files when penetrating deeper. Logging in as myself, I see all shares and all files. 

Why can I not see all my files on my wd2go app on my iphone 4s???

TESTING (note - I rebuilt my wd2go server and deleted and re-installed the iphone app for each test)

Q: why can only MOVIES files be seen on my iphone? Is it because the share is non-private?

A: I made MY DOCUMENTS share as public. So it can bee seen by guest and admin. Looking on my iphone, again no, I cannot see MY DOCUMENTS share files. But I can see MOVIES.

Q: Can only items in the default PUBLIC share be seen on WD2GO?

A: I moved some files from MY DOCUMENTS, pdfs, illustrator, word files - into the default PUBLIC share. Yes, they can be viewed on my iphone.However as the public folder can NOT be set as private and for ADMIN eyes only, then any guest will be able to view my private files when logging in remotely via the net or on my home network. Not what I want.

It shouldn’t be necessary to move all files into the default PUBLIC folder as MOVIE files are visible just fine when outside of this folder. Logging in through and every shares documents are visible.


I’m at the end of my tether and really need help. So it seems of all my shares on my wd2go mobile device only the MOVIE files are visible, MY DOCUMENTS share I can only see the folders, no files. Online wd2go - all is perfect.

If I move files into the PUBLIC share the files are then visible on my wd2go app but at the cost of everyone inc guests being able to see my private docs when logging in online. 

Any help would be valued and much appreciated?


Link to visual example - paste in browser:

Oh and I have iOS 6 and the latest firmware on MBL…

Is your phone authorized as the same user as you are using when logging in via your PC?

Yes it is…the administrator - myself is the only authorisation I have provided for mobile access.

I can only think that this has something to do with wd2go remote app which perhaps doesn’t allow something???

I just don’t know :frowning: