Access Non-Public Share Issue

I have 4 discs, 3 volumes (1 RAID-1 and 2 JBOD). Each volume has 1 share, so 3 shares total.

I have 3 laptops. One is mine with two user accounts, “Personal” and “Business”. (I’m self employed, so this is one way I ‘leave work’). The 2nd one is my wife’s and 3rd one is a spare.

In the WD EX4 > Users, I have a 4 different “User Names”, one for each user account on the various laptops on my home LAN. Unders the “Shares” menu, each account is granted “Read/Write” access.

When I try to access the share (as a mapped drive), I get this cryptic error sometimes.

An error occured while connecting to F: to \WD4-NAS\Family-Archive

Microsoft Windows Network: Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed.

Can someone explain that to me in English please?

Thank you,

Tom Scott

I think I figured it out. During setup and copying files over, I had one WD-EX4 User ID and password for the 4 user accounts on the 3 different laptops. I couldn’t figure it out at the time, so just left the shares public.

I cleared out the old passwords in the Windows user accounts and then accessed the files via the shared folder in the NAS on the network, not the mapped drive.

  1. Control Panel > User Accounts > Credential Manager > Manage Windows Credentials > Select the WD-EX4 > Remove.

  2. Windows Explorer > Network > WD-EX4 > [Share Name] > Enter the Windows User Acct specific user ID and password. That also works for the same share mapped as a network drive.

So I think what the error means is that one user cannot access the share from two different computers on the LAN. Correct? If that’s the case, it’s kind of dumb. What if I have a two different computers in the house or at my business, or a laptop and mobile device? I shouldn’t have to set up a seperate user ID and password for me for each device. Should I?

Or, is that related to the Windows user account name? That is, if I had “Thomas” as the user account name on two different computers, that would be fine?

Does anyone else have some insight on this? I’m not 100% sure it’s fixed and working. I’d like to understand the requirements for non-public access to the WD-EX4 from different computers and accounts on the LAN.


Tom Scott