Access from Lumia 950

Hi everybody.
Do you know how can I connect to my “WDCloud” from Lumia 950?
I can’t see any “WD………” applications in my Store on my Lumia 950.
I tried to connect by Opera Mini, but it isn’t good solution.
Do you have any idea?

WD dropped Windows Phone support last year. WD has indicated there are no plans to update or reintroduce the WD Windows Phones app. Do a search of this subforum and you’ll find lots of complaints about it.

From the Cloud Ideas subforum…

Currently the only official way to access the My Cloud remotely using a Windows Phone is to use a web browser to access the web portal or use an FTP client app to access the My Cloud FTP server (when enabled through the My Cloud Dashboard). For local network access with a Windows Phone one can use a file manager app on their Windows Phone.