Access folders in PC in home network

I have my WD TV Live box working and it can access my photo folders on my PC in my home network

I have many folders and thousands of photos so it takes a while to find all the photo folders each time I access them.

Is there a way to tell the device to only go and look at a folder Y on drive X ?  I would then put copies of pics I wanted to watch on TV in that folder and hopefully access them quicker

How are you accessing your PC?   Via the Media Server function, or Network Shares?

If the latter, then the easiest way is to just share only the folder(s) you want so that you’re connecting only to that folder.

via media server function. I think. Th ebox set itself up when I plugged in my ethernet cable.

I wne tinto Windows 7 Control panel then homegroup then allowed the WD TV Live access to my desktop PC

I click on the files icon (or photos icon) in the WD TV menu then go find the folder I want.  But I have to navigate through all media folders.

I would prefer to be able to set up a favorite folder that a prgram key would go directly to.

That way I can just put pics I wan to show in the one folder

normu wrote:

via media server function. I think. 

You’ll need to be sure.   Press the RED button.   What are you choosing?

I am using media server.  Then I Select my PC then > folders. then it displays all hard drives that contain photos. then select the hard drive I wish to see then the folder I want to view then I get to see my pics.

If possible would like to set up a shortcut to go direct to the desired folder form the home screen of WD TV

You’ll need to check your media server documentation on how to do that.