Access Denied

I am sick over this, I think I lost all my data.  I was trying to password WD My Book, with the permissions tab.  I don’t

know what I did.  It now has changed the name from J:Elements WD to just a regular J: Local Disc and tells me access


I had all my pictures, back ups etc on there.  If anyone can help me with this, I will be forever grateful


This could be caused by Data Corruption, as a last resort try a different cable, different computer and a different cable, If this does not help you might need to click the following links to use a Data Recovery Software or Company to extract the data.

Something like TestDisk may fix the problem. Read through the tutorials first. If you only have one copy you don’t have a backup.


I tried hooking it up to my laptop and all my data is there.  But it keeps telling me I need permission.  The original problem is, I screwed up the permissions under the security tab and I am not sure what to do

thanks for answering me before

When I plug it back into my main PC it tells me I have reformat my WD My book, but it will read it on my laptop