Access denied

I work for a company, and they gave me this laptop, which had windows 8 on in. They asked me to install windows 7 on the laptop. Which I told them they should upgrade to 10 and it would be easier and would have fewer problems. Anyway, I downgraded to windows 7 and half way through the installation the computer crashed, and would not load the install disk at all. I then tried to reinstall windows 8 and It actually loaded the disk, and I started through the installation, when I got to the select drive to install screen, it would not allow me to format the hard drive. So I ordered a new hard drive and I’m trying to resurrect the old hard drive.
it is a WD Blue 750gb laptop drive. model number: WD7500BPVX-60JC3T0.
The hard drive does spin up and I can see the drive on my desktop but when I try to access, format, change ownership or do anything to the drive, it says access denied. Please any ideas would be great, I would love to use this as a portable hard drive


Sorry to hear that. How is the drive showing under disk management?

It doesn’t show up in disk management

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