Access Denied on Sharedspace 8 TB & Users Domain

Good Afternoon

I have the following problem with my ShareSpace:


8 TB ShareSpace added to a domain in Windows Server 2008 x64 (up here all OK)

Entrance to the menu console ShareSpace Storage> Shared Folders> New (to create a shared folder) when I give him the option of sending me open another screen where you assign user permissions to that folder (shared folder permissions) are here displays all users in my domain eg domain \ user1.

On this screen to assign the privilege of user1 “Full Access” and I say send all OK …


When mapping the folder you create before on any machine where this validated user1 and try to keep information tells me “Access Denied” and will not let me save any information.

My ShareSpace has applied the latest firmware version “2.2.8 with MioNet”

Thank you very much for your comments …


There is another thread on this about no CIFS shares. It’s a 2.2.8 update issue.

If you can use AppleShare that works.


And as I could enable??