ac1750 wireless DWA-182 usb adapter, fast USB adapters not being recognized by the HUB

When will the WDTV Live Hub be able to connect to the new ultra fast wireless routers with an equally fast adapter.
I bought the D-link DIR865L router and the the compatible DWA-182 usb adapter, but the HUB just doesn’t see the DWA-182. The best adapter available that the HUB will connect to the router with, is the DWA-160.
Any forward thinking about this issue from the WDTV techos yet? The router is not the problem, only the DWA-182 usb adapter not being recognized by the HUB.

This will need the firmware to be updated, so how about it gets done in the next update…please!
Hoping for a positive response…  wink.gif 

No one here knows. We are all just users here so we will only know when WD let us know. Your adapter is not compatible that’s why its not working. All you can do is to wait and hope that they will make that adapter compatible in the next firmware.

I wouldn’t plan on it

there’s vertually no support for wireless AC devices in linux at this point

I’ve read some scattered reports, that a few companies are providing linux drivers

but you have to download source and compile them yourself, and these are very few and far between

I’ve also heard  a few people got them working inside an ndiswrapper

but those are running completely unsecured

it’s going to be quite some time before wireless ac works in linux anything

like the hub or smp

Thanks for the updates guys.

You would imagine that the new speeds available now will be the norm in the near future and encourage WD and others to take their product that step further.

I will store my DWA-182 away and use the DWA-162 for the moment.