Absolutely given-up on WD Sync. :-(

Well, after several months of trying get WD Sync Sync to work I’ve absolutely thrown in the towel with this one. I’ve come to the conclusion that whoever designed that piece of software does not have a clue how such software is supposed to operate.

I’ve tried several times to get support for this program and every single attempt failed so I guess it’s best I use a manual program like Microsoft’s SyncToy.

Might try and use it again in the future when it’s possible to get reliable support for this program.

Hello Myron,

What are you trying to accomplish with the software that is not allowing you?

I tested the WD Sync app a few times and it worked for me.

I got the Help and Quit context menus and absolutely no way to get to the WD Sync options. This time I’ve uninstalled it and it’s staying uninstalled.

I’ve installed and ripped out this program a number of time. It’s somewhat worked with Windows 7, getting stuck on file after file. When I upgraded to Windows 10 is when it just simply failed and from that point on no feedback apart from your response.

That is all that I can get. I can report it again. How come the likes Google and Microsoft can get it right and WD can’t? To be absolutely truthful, it’s not worked properly for me from the start. This latest issue is just the worst issue of it all.

I think there will be a lot more issues with this program. It’ll just be that a lot of people would have tried it, come across problems with it and then uninstalled and abandoned all hope of using it without getting in touch with WD. you’re getting to know of an issue because I’ve opted to make a noise. :smile:

The other thing where I don’t want to keep trying is that every time I install and uninstall WD Sync, I think the installer incorrectly terminates the task-bar and file explorer as the tiled start menu comes back not in the order I customise it so every time I have to arrange the tiles and the tile sizes to how I want them. For that I would prefer the installer to give me a choice to restart the computer and not just kill the explorer task.

That’s the problem.

I’ve tried to get it working without bugging WD. I failed. :frowning: