Abnormal activity in console for WD Drive Utility Helper on El Capitan

Hi all! I noticed an abnormal and constant activity in the Mac console with msg like:

12/05/16 09:50:28,453 WDDriveUtilityHelper[776]: Sending SCSI command to Target serial number = [Deleted](length = 12)
12/05/16 10:00:38,428 WDDriveUtilityHelper[776]: SCSI Data received from Target (length = 0)

This is repeated endlessly in the last days. I’m using El Capitan version 10.11.4 on a iMac 27 late 2009, using two external My Book Duo Drives 12Tb each, one of them bought last year, the second one one month ago.
Disks have been reformatted for Mac using WD Drive Utility 2.03.30 and I also ran the Firmware Updater (I hope successfully).
Disks are working fine, connected each to a USB 3.0 port.

Any suggestion about these annoying and continuous messages?


Elio Trifari


I recommend you contact WD Support directly for assistance with this issue.


I have same problem; reported this as to WD. After a couple of weeks of back and fro, its latest response is:

“I was in contact with our senior technical team and I was able to found out that these entries are completely normal. There are no indications of errors.”

Now this is plainly nonsense, such as:

  • Why only one of the three WD disksI have?
  • Whats its actually telling anyone?
  • Why every 10 seconds
  • Why four lines every time?
    and so on

Just poor practice on the part of the developer.

Anyway, I just uninstalled the Utilities; don’t use them once I’ve formatted the disk

The messages then stop after the next re-boot (uninstaller doesn’t kill the active process but thats another story) and the world hasn’t fallen in…

Thanks, ItWasNotMe! In fact, I HAD to install WD Utilities as I was unable to reformat a 12Tb HD as Mac OS X Extended journaled without them, using only Apple Disk Utility. After I reformatted the disk as needed, I ran the WD utilities general HD check, looked at lot of msgs in Console, asked through this forum, then decided to unistall WD Utilities, I don’t need them now, I’m using Micromat Techtool Pro and/or Alsoft DiskWarrior to monitor and check the HD. Messages are gone, life easier, and support desks are the first thing to avoid!

Good work


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