A whole scheme for subtitles via DLNA

Hello everyone!

I’ll try to explain my doubts, and I hope you guys can help me.

I have mezzmo. Who doesn’t know, its a media center software. It’s awesome, and I have some methods to add subtitles to movies, that are not showing. Well, my question is: If I buy WD TV Live Streaming Media Player 1080p and install in my network, will I be able to watch my videos in .MKV file with my subtitles? Will I be able to select wich sub I want? Normally I just rip the blue ray just the movie and sound, and later I use mkmerge to add .srt subtitles and it works perfect on my Seagate GoFlex TV HD via USB, but not via network. 

Thank you

As long as you connect to the server via network shares instead of DLNA, you can watch MKVs with embedded subs (also PGS so no OCR necessary).

Thanks… I wil try that