A really basic question about backup

Firstly, My Cloud is working fine for me so far. There are just some really basic things I don’t understand and can’t find in the user manuals. They are to do with backup.

When I delete files from my PC they are not deleted from My Cloud. I suppose that’s so I can retrieve files I might have deleted by mistake. But what if I meant to delete the files? How do I delete them from my cloud as well? Surely not manually for each file. Similarly, if I rename a folder, My Cloud then has both the old folder and new folder, with identical contents. Is there some command that tells My Cloud to re-sync with my hard drive to get rid of all the stuff I deleted?


If you are looking at the contents of the smartware backup, you are looking, well, at a backup. That keeps all you older files, folders as they were at the time of backup.

If you want to sync your shares with your computer, you have to create dedicated shares, and use your own sync software, or rely on offline folders in the pro version of Windows. This Windows feature lets you use the NAS-based files when the NAS is connected, but lets you use offline copies stored on your computer when you NAS is not available.

I would NOT use the NAS smartware backup file copies as a way to access your files remotely on the NAS. Using, modifying or editing these files could corrupt your backup information.