A question about the EX4100

Hello there.

I have the EX4100 for a month now and I would like to ask a question.

It is regarding the NAS it self. Does it support “Hot Swap” or “Hot Plug”? Meaning can I remove/add a hard drive while the NAS is powered on without damaging the NAS it self (or the new drive)? For example: I have 4 drives in RAID 1, if I get a notification that the 2nd drive has failed or is about to fail can I remove it and replace it without powering down the NAS? (I know almost all the latest hard drives and SSDs support it)

Sorry if this is the thousand time you saw this question but I read the user manual a few times, used “search” but I couldn’t make for sure if I can do that, plus I used google but I couldn’t find an answer most results were reviews and “how to” (probably the way I formed the search was wrong).

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Hi SlimTech,

Yes, you can do but I would suggest to power down the device first to prevent issues.

Thannks mate. I wondered that because so far I have two 6TB Red Pro 256Mb buffer ( I know way too over kill but we are five siblings) for my family cloud and it’s getting clutter and I want to update the space on the fly w/o powering down. Yet I know that if the device is in use (ie some user is accessing it to store or download the HDD could get corrupted).