A question about an issue fast forwarding/rewinding some movies

95% of what I stream via DLNA to the WDTV Live box works perfectly.

A very small amount amount of files exhibits the following problems

*The file will play fine from start to finish, but you can not fast forward or rewind the file

*The onscreen display will show the incorrect time for length of movie (instead of saying it is 2 hours, it will say something like 21 seconds). As such I can also not use the feature “jump to time” because it does not appear to have the knowledge of the time of the movie.

I have noticed this on both mkv and mp4 files, and I believe all are h.264 encoded.

Does anyone have an idea as to what the issue might be?

Hello there,

Does this happen when you try to play the videos through network shares on the unit? Sometimes it happens with media servers, i had this issue with my Smart TV when i try to Stream a movie through DLNA on the TV. 

I do not know how to use network shares.

I have plex running on my desktop with DLNA enabled and then I connect the WDTV Live to it via the media server connection.

Since 95% of your files are ok, and you’re having problems with the other 5% of them … then i reckon there’s something wrong with the files.

1st thing i would try, is remuxing them  (this takes a few mins, and doesent affect video/audio quality … it just repacks the file)

For the Mkv, try MKVMerge  install MKVToolnix  http://www.videohelp.com/tools/MKVtoolnix

also dunno if this will work, you can try adding this line of code in as well   --clusters-in-meta-seek

  1. Click on the Video Stream  2. Select "extra Options 3. copy and paste the code above ↑


Thank you Joey, I will try that.

I should note that while these small amount of files don’t run perfectly on WDTV Live, I have no problems running the exact same files via PLEX using DLNA on my PS3.