A Problem


I would like to ask you something.

I have: Windows XP SP3 32x

and I just bought a 4TB HDD.

I’ve read on the declaration that is formatted as NTFS

and that it will work with Windows XP 32x ‘right out of the box’

And so, I plugged it into my PC and it works just like it’s stated.

But then, I noticed a one thing, that really worries me…

Although the disk is completely empty, under the disk properites is shown that 4.85GB is used.

I checked the disk, just in case, with an option ‘Hide protected operating system files’ turned off

and there is only a ‘System Volume Information’ which counts as 0 (zero).

So, I started to copy some data on the disk, to see what will happen,

and every time the data would be copied, it showed a random size of occupied disk space…

Please, can anyone maybe advise me about this?

I really don’t know what shall I do now…

Welcome to the community Dino_M. You will run into some problems with your Windows XP version is 32 bit, for more information on this click on the following link.

Hard drives greater than 2 TB do not work on existing operating systems