A little help please..... Multiple questions about a new passport


Never had a back up device, bought this and was hoping it would be plug and play, drag and drop…not so!

I’ve got two work PC’s and need info stored off both.  I originally started on the old PC< Windows XP 2002.  I’m still at the screen where it’s ‘catagorizing your files’ although its been doing that all night and there’s only 33Gb to store and so I presume there’s something wrong, but dont want to stop it running.  So if someone could help me with this; much appreciated!!

Secondly, I then need to hook it up to the new works PC, which is an HP Notebook Windows 2007.  Can I just go through the same process as with the od laptop or will it override that back up??

Any help would be much appreciated!! 



You don’t need to install the Smartware unless you want the Password protection. Smartware also only backsup certain file types. So check your backup if you intend to keep it and see if your data is in backup. You should be able to drag and drop, copy and paste etc like a regular drive.


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