A litany of failure

Hi guys

Did a lot of research, have used WD before, was pretty confident.  Setup/etc pretty simple, but you have appeared to release what is basically a non functional product.  I write tech reviews and was excited about reviewing this one, I’m at breaking point and thought I’d give your support benefit of the doubt.


-Frequently when attempting to access over finder (even when wired) connection times out or takes a long time.

-Media devices fail to load media half the time

-even accessing UI over wired connection is slow.

As far as I can tell I will literally have to void the warranty to get this to be stable, and deactivate some of the core functionality in the process.

Core requirements

  • access media reliably 

  • acess files without significant lag.

Bonus points

  • access media from multiple devices at the same time

  • have files loading into the devie (ie download straight to device) without making it completely useless.

I’ve tried a few things on this forum, but i don’t like the fact that your current support is relying on users to provide warranty voiding solutions.

Pretty ridiculous.  Please tell me what I need to do to make this product work at all. 

Hi Sam, sorry to hear you have been experiencing problems. The WD Community was created for Users, such as yourself, to help one another, and to share your experiences and ideas with one another. If you are looking to contact WD tech support please follow the link below.


To Contact WD for Technical Support


We’re with you, Sambivalent.
Everyone else is having the same problems, and we’re just hoping that WD is actually going to do something to fix this thing.

yeah we feel your pain, same problems here, nothing works anymore and is impossible to work like this, I use my WD to store my work and now is just not working anymore. Really frustrating and really unhappy with the whole thing


I returned mine & bought a Synology DS213j instead.

So far, it’s completely & utterly pain free.

DLNA to my pita Panasonic bluray is admittedly dodgy, but map it as a network drive instead and every format of media thrown at it works.