A list of problems: auto play, Firmware upgrade, menue issues etc

I have a WD Elements Play 1TB

Formated for: Mac OS Extended (Journaled), with GUID Partition Table

Current firm ware: 1.00.10

  1. I would like to updatet my device to 1.01.02:
  • I download the package from:


  • Unzip it

  • place the files (not in a folder) on to a USB stick

  • WD Elements does not react to the files.

  1. I want my one video (.mov, H.264, 1920x1080, 25FPS, Data rate 22.64Mbit/s, duration 8 hours) to auto play:
  • I placed it in the route folder

  • I turned on Auto Play

  • Restarted the device

  • Nothing hapens

  1. I want to go to a certain point in the video
  • I use serch

  • nothing happens

  1. I want to turn on: Repeat Title so that it loops because it is default is of
  • It works until I restart the device, it defults to off
  1. I want to turn the menue in to a list, which I do, but when restarting the device it defults back to icons.

  2. I want to contact WD suport by e-mail, but when I click on English e-mail it only takes me to a web site that tells me they have improved there service to make it easer to contact suport, I can only imagine how dificult it was before, because all that page does is to take me to the portal where there is noe email suport


Anny help withe thes questions would be much apreciated particurly 

autoplay and repet 

Thank you

To update the player, turn off and then insert the USB with the firmware

you will get prompted to update

lets see if after the update you can remedy some of the problems you mentioned

Turned device of, pulled out plug, inserted USB - turned device on - noticed flashing light on USB and that the WD Elements Play recoginices the device - but still not able to update firm ware - went in to the menue seting to firm ware - selected update there to - nothing

A picture of the files from ElementsPlayGen.v1.01.02 folder placed on the USB stick:

You said you put the “files” on the disk. There is only a SINGLE file.

Sorry - started to reply then realised you have a Gen 2 EP

The upgrade for the WD elements Play has more than one file after you unzip it. 


interestingly in there discription they write 

“-The firmware file(s) must be directly on the drive, and not in a folder”

To me the (s) might sugest that on a PC you only see one file, on a Mac I see 11, as depicted in the picture in my previous post. 

bjornveno wrote:

The upgrade for the WD elements Play has more than one file after you unzip it. 

No, it does not.

The ZIP file contains a single file called


If you’re then opening THAT file, then yeah, there’s multiple files there, but you’re not instructed to do that.  If your PC is mistakenly opening that IMG file without being told to do so, well, that’s a different problem you’ll need to investigate.

Put that SINGLE IMG FILE on the ROOT of a USB disk  (or you can also put it inside the EP’s internal hard disk) as instructed in Step 2 of the instructions on that same page:

Open the firmware update .ZIP file and extract the file (the zip file includes only one (1) file ending with the extension: .IMG) to a USB drive’s main directory.

On a MAC that is not the solution, but you put me on the right track thank you : )

Wen you unzip the ElementsPlayGen2.v1.01.02.zip on a MAC you will get a folder not a .img (disk imaage) 

The solution is to download a trial version of winzip for MAC

This is a clear over sight from WD, what they should have done is not have a .zip file as a download but the .img file it self.

Firware up date did not fix my problems:

  1. Autoplay does not work for media files stored on the WD EP, it does work however with files on USB (absurd!)

  2. Turning on ‘Repeat Title’ is not saved after restarting device 

  3. Serch still does not work on my 8 hour video

on the plus side my menue now stays as a list, but I don’t care about that.

Conclution so far: the £150 device is usles for video artists as a play back device in exhebitions, autoplay and loop being key functions, because remote controls get lost and you can not trust inviglators to do more than turn on the power. You might be better of buying a cheep £35 media player or a £50 blue ray player.  

If anyone has a sulotion to these two key problems, I would be very happy : )

Thank you