A Fix For Network Shares Problem That Was New To Me

Recently 2 of the windows XP boxes on my LAN suddenly stopped sharing folders with my WDTV Live+ (and with each other).  The WD would list the machines under Video/Network Shares but couldn’t actually connect with them.  However both PCs could see the WD box and work with files on a USB drive connected to the WD.  Everything about my network seemed correctly configured (even the Master Browser business) and none of the various fixes I tried worked.  Until I found this: http://forums.comodo.com/empty-t14665.0.html.  To summarize, look for this registry key: HKEY_Local_Machine>>SYSTEM>CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa: restrictanonymous.  If it’s set to 0, sorry I can’t help you.  But if it’s set to 1 or 2, modify it to zero and reboot XP.  If this doesn’t solve your problem go back into the registry and see what value that key has.  Some security software as well as viruses and other nasties will reset that value back to 1 or 2.  If that’s the case do a thorough scan of your machine withyou antivirus software as well as other applications such as Malwarebytes and Spybot.  This worked for me.

Good luck

Good, thanks for sharing. :smiley: